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2015: The Year of Skills and Specifics

ExcitedEvery January I make a list of New Year’s resolutions that I half-heartedly work towards over the course of 12 months. Last year, in a massive turn of events, I changed the word “resolutions” to “plans” and immortalized all of my goals in the form of a blog post.

A few days ago, as I sat down to write my year-in-review post, I was surprised to find that I had accomplished almost everything on the list! I guess there’s something to say about actually writing down your goals; they automatically morph into a to-do list and for someone like me who is very task oriented, it’s the perfect way to hold myself accountable.

So now that I’m running off the fumes of last year’s successes, it’s time to set out my plans for the New Year. Where 2014 was about taking risks and making big moves, 2015 is going to be all about skills and specifics.

SKILLS (that I want to gain or strengthen):

  • Writing
    • Write more often, use prompts to practice writing about different topics, engage with other writers, use online resources to perfect the craft and do more freelance/contributing posts to build my portfolio.
  • Web
    • Take courses on coding, HTML, CSS, web design, etc. and learn everything I can about social media marketing and tools such as Google Analytics in order to optimize my blogging experience and analyze my audience engagement.
  • Human Resources
    • Continue taking courses towards my Human Resources Management Certificate, get involved with my local HRPA chapter, network with individuals in the HR field, read more books and articles related to jobs, recruitment, talent management, employee engagement and company culture.

 SPECIFICS (things I want to do or accomplish):

  • Read 20 books
    • Last year I read 12. This year, I’m going to up my game and aim for 20 including more business books and biographies about successful women who have careers that I admire and respect. I also plan to review more on the blog so keep an eye on the ‘Reading List’ section!
  • Write an average of 1 blog post every 2 weeks
    • Last year I aimed for one blog post per week and got nowhere close to that number. This year, I have a better idea of what topics to blog about which will increase my online and personal brand, so biweekly posts should be more than manageable.
  • Design my dream home office
    • I’ve started to realize that I am most productive while seated at a desk, in a room with bright lights and funky file folders, a.k.a. the office at my 9-to-5 job. Unfortunately, when I come home from work, it’s already dark out and the couch is calling my name so I find it hard to get anything blog-related accomplished in that environment. Now that I’ve moved into my dream apartment, I will work towards designing a Pinterest-y room with a desk and home office space that inspires me and motivates me to keep working towards my dreams at all hours.
This is what "Pinterest-y" looks like.
In case you’re wondering what “Pinterest-y” looks like.

Another thing I’m going to do in 2015 is strengthen my personal brand and build an online presence for myself that is directly aligned to the career I want to have in recruitment, talent management and career mentoring. For that reason, I’ll keep my more personal new year’s resolutions to myself, like “work out more” and “be less anxious.”

Oops. Did I mention I’m not good at keeping things to myself?

On that note, I’ll wrap this up and welcome you all to share your resolutions with me! Remember, if you need someone to help keep you accountable, I’m your girl. They don’t call me “Newsha the Nag” for no reason.

Kidding, no one calls me that. That I know of…


One thought on “2015: The Year of Skills and Specifics

  1. Loved this blog post – super relatable and I love the idea of having others share their goals…so on that note, here are 2 of my goals that I think I need some help staying on top of:

    1. READ 6 BOOKS – I’m the WORST at actually finishing a book. I tend to read half and then I get distracted and stop. This is the year I plan on stopping this horrible habit and I think you’re the one to hold me accountable!

    2. Take a Cooking Class – I’ve recently been indulging in cooking. I got a crockpot for Christmas along with a bunch of cookbooks so I would like to put these to use. I’m thinking more along the lines of a basic cooking class and I’m thinking about trying to convince my friends to try it with me :)

    Hopefully writing them down will actually hold me more accountable!

    Thanks for sharing Newsha!


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