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Top 3 Milestones of 2015

Looking back on 2015, I am torn on whether or not to define it as a “good” year. At its start, I was living under a dark cloud. I was anxious and moody and antisocial. In March, I switched jobs. In April, I turned 25 and had to deal with the emotions that came along with fermenting my quarter-life crisis. In July, something happened that made me realize life is really friggin’ short. In August, I decided to embark on a quest towards a better, happier, more fulfilled sense of self.

From that point forward, things started to turn around:

  1. I got a new position as a Business Analyst. In the three years of my career preceding this, I worked in various administrative roles and, though I know this isn’t the case for many people, it all felt like one dragged out entry-level job. When I finally got the opportunity to break out of the administrative field, I was beyond overjoyed to transition from “entry level” to “experienced” and officially take that one step closer to the land of there.
  1. I conquered my fear of flying. I hadn’t been on a plane since that time in 2013 when my friends and I nosedived through the air all the way from Miami to Toronto. This past September, I booked a 20-day trip to Europe and the UK. By virtue of having no other way to get there, I was forced to board a plane. Five planes actually. Today, I am alive to tell the tale. Thus: fear = conquered. 
  2. I connected with my family in ways I hadn’t before. Thanks to one of the only terms I remember from high school geography – diaspora – I grew up in Toronto without any blood relatives to hang out with besides my parents. Sure, I had “aunts” and “uncles” and “cousins” nearby, but when you don’t share a bloodline, it’s not quite the same. In 2015, on a stifling hot September day in Venice, I had the chance to meet a cousin who I’d only ever seen in pictures. Similarly, in December, I discovered a cousin who I didn’t know existed until his wife sent me a Facebook message which read “Hi I’m your cousin’s wife and we’re coming to Toronto next week.” Social media is a beautiful thing, ain’t it?

Of course, there were other milestones from 2015 but I would say those listed above are the most significant in terms of my personal growth. The contrast between how 2015 started vs. how it ended leads me to believe that 2016 will be a year to remember and for that – I am very excited!


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Milestones of 2015

  1. Nice.I’m sure 2016 will be full of new good challenges that will help you to grow more socially and emotionally and looking forward to that.

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